Dr.-Ing. Andreas Rümpel

Portrait of Andreas Rümpel


My research group Senior Chair of Multimedia Technology devotes itself to model-based development of composite Web mashup applications. In April 2019, I defended my PhD thesis on requirements-driven quality modeling and evaluation in such Web mashups. Therefore, the Technische Universität Dresden's Faculty of Computer Science awarded me with the academic degree »Dr.-Ing.« and the distinction of »magna cum laude«. Find a comprehensive list of research papers in my bibliography.

Beside state-of-the-art Web application frameworks (jQuery, Bootstrap, Angular), my technology expertise covers mobile device development, distributed service architectures and knowledge engineering including machine learning methods. With a variety of IT research projects managed, I am familiar with modern software architectures and project management techniques. If you are interested in my work, feel free to browse my GitHub projects and add me as a contact on a social network.

Know Your Family

Genealogy is about tracing the relationships of the members of your family. Currently, I have identified over 250 genetically related individuals of my own family. Ten generations are covered, spanning over 200 years of lifetime. To visualize the inheritance relations, I developed a Web-based tool, which is able to align all the collected information in one huge diagram automatically. Have a look at nacarta and get an impression of the example family. Beside the relations chart, there are also a person list view and a locations map. Nevertheless, I am anxious for extending my database. If you see a chance to provide me with additional information or claim to be one of my relatives, give it a try and notify me.

Kinship diagram of my family

Travel Map and Pictures

Visiting foreign countries and getting in touch with their culture is one of my favorite activities. Have a look at some of my pictures from around the world. Using Jamie Wong's framework, I created a world travel map of my most important trips. Noteworthy travels include a road trip from Dresden via the Swedish coast to North Cape and back via Norway and Denmark in one and a half weeks (2007) as well as a round-the-world journey with stops in Singapore, Sydney, New Zealand and San Francisco (2010/2011). You are invited to suggest awesome travel destinations or discuss your globetrotter experiences.

Crafts and Artwork

With my membership in the society MUSEIS SAXONICIS USUI – Freunde der Staatlichen Kunstsammlungen Dresden e. V. (MSU), I support the museums and exhibitions of the SKD, comprising world-famous museums such as »Gemäldegalerie Alte Meister« or »Grünes Gewölbe«. Furthermore, I am part of the voluntary organization team for special events of Junge Freunde, which is the section of young friends of MSU.

A blog on some of my own crafts projects and artwork runs under the label s4ndm4n.

In addition, I contribute to Wikimedia Commons, a collection of media files, which can be used with free licenses.

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