Dr.-Ing. Andreas Rümpel

Software Engineering and Research

In the 2010s, my research group Senior Chair of Multimedia Technology devoted itself to model-based development of composite Web mashup applications. Concluding this topic, I defended my PhD thesis on requirements-driven quality modeling and evaluation in Web mashups in April 2019. The Technische Universität Dresden's Faculty of Computer Science awarded me with the academic degree »Dr.-Ing.« and the distinction of »magna cum laude«. Find a comprehensive list of research papers in my bibliography.

Beside Web application frameworks such as Angular and Bootstrap, my technology expertise covers mobile platform development, distributed service architectures and knowledge engineering including machine learning methods. With a variety of IT research projects managed, I am familiar with modern software architectures, containerized deployment and project management techniques. If you are interested in my work, browse my GitHub projects and add me as a contact on a social network.

Since 2019, software-assisted construction industry processes went into my focus. Within the Thinkproject group, I advanced to a user experience expert, which enabled my agile team to have much more pinpoint product ownership and development tasks. In 2022, I co-founded Planyverse, which provides coordination and management services for prime contractors of construction projects based on a modern software platform.

Know Your Family

Genealogy is about tracing the relationships of one's family members. Currently, I have identified over 270 genetically related people of my own family. Ten generations are covered, spanning over 200 years of shared lifetime. To visualize the inheritance relations, I developed the Web-based tool nacarta, which is able to align all the collected information in one huge diagram automatically, cf. the miniature chart below and the nacarta example family. The tool offers a comprehensive relations chart, a table view and a locations map. If you want to contribute to my personal genealogy database, please contact me.

nacarta chart miniature preview of my family

Travel Map and Pictures

Visiting foreign countries and getting in touch with their culture is one of my favorite activities. Have a look at some of my pictures from around the world. Using Jamie Wong's framework, I created a world travel map of my most important trips. Noteworthy travels include a road trip from Dresden via the Swedish coast to North Cape and back via Norway and Denmark in one and a half weeks (2007) as well as a round-the-world journey with stops in Singapore, Sydney, New Zealand and San Francisco (2010/2011).

Crafts and Artwork

With my membership in the society MUSEIS SAXONICIS USUI – Freunde der Staatlichen Kunstsammlungen Dresden e. V. (MSU), I support the museums and exhibitions of the SKD, comprising world-famous museums such as »Gemäldegalerie Alte Meister« or »Grünes Gewölbe«. Furthermore, I am part of the voluntary organization team for special events of Junge Freunde, which is the MSU's section of young fellows.

A blog on some of my own crafts projects and artwork runs under the label s4ndm4n.

In addition, I contribute to Wikimedia Commons, a collection of media files, which can be used with free licenses.

Get in Touch

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